Using the EnergyGuide Label to Purchase New HVAC Equipment

Using the EnergyGuide Label to Purchase New HVAC Equipment


SaveOn your appliances at home, you may have seen the bright yellow EnergyGuide label. If you’re shopping for a new air conditioner, heat pump or another HVAC product that is part of the EnergyGuide program, you can make the most of your investment with the simple information found on that label.

Energy Savings Guide

The EnergyGuide program is a Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) initiative put in place to protect the consumers purchasing HVAC appliances. The label’s goal is to support consumers in picking the perfect product by comparing comparable products using the information about energy efficiency given by the manufacturers. The equipment that is required to have the label displayed includes water heaters, furnaces, refrigerators, and clothing washers.

The comparison points listed below are found on EnergyGuide labels to help show lifetime costs for the products you’re considering:

  • Important features can be compared in similar price ranges.
  • Approximate usage of energy compared with the costs of operating between similar models.
  • Insert the local utility rates for your Dayton home to see annual energy consumption, which can assist you in calculating lifetime costs.

Reading Your EnergyGuide Label

The product information found on the EnergyGuide label may be easy to read, but you need to fully understand what is meant by each section to maximize EnergyGuide’s information. In a list below you can see brief descriptions of each section.

  • Advanced features: On the top of the label in the left corner you’ll see the advanced features.
  • Manufacturer information: The product’s manufacturer, model number as well as the equipment size are found in the top of the label on the right side.
  • Operating costs: Appearing in a graphic in the center is the estimated annual cost.
  • Annual energy consumption: Below this graphic is the operating cost information about the estimated yearly energy usage.
  • Energy Star: When equipment is Energy Star-certified, the Energy Star logo will appear in blue on the bottom of the label on the right.

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