The Benefits of Getting an HVAC Inspection Prior to Purchasing a House

The Benefits of Getting an HVAC Inspection Prior to Purchasing a House


In the Dayton area if you are in the market for a home, in addition to performing a home inspection, you should contemplate getting an HVAC system before you make a proposal. The history of an older home can be very debatable so a detailed HVAC system inspection is vital. New homes should also get a thorough inspection because it is important to make sure it has been installed correctly and satisfies warranty requirements

The Critical Nature of HVAC System Inspection

The general condition of the house is considered during a systematic home inspection. During this inspection, the HVAC system is only tested to assure that it works moderately well. This simple check is not thorough and may overlook common but serious problems such as a cracked heat exchanger or excessive levels of carbon monoxide.

A detailed HVAC inspection can assist you in determining how old the system is, how long it can be expected to last and what repairs may be needed in the future. This gives you the information that you need to make an educated offer on the home. You also may ask the seller to replace or repair HVAC system prior to finalizing the deal.

HVAC System Inspection Procedure

To assure that your system is working safely, your HVAC contractor will inspect it and assess its condition overall. Searching for signs that point to major issues like refrigerant leaks and inoperable safety systems, as well as issues from a lack of upkeep like a blocked air filter, impaired system fans and frayed belts. You’ll have no recourse but to pay for those repairs yourself if those issues are brought to light after closing.

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