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Andie T

My original unit on my house was installed from Airtron. It lasted 20 years. We have been without AC for over a week in temperatures well over 90 degrees. Bobby came out, arrived on time, and gave us our quote. He called us, as promised, and set a replacement appointment up for the next day. The repair guy (I wish I remembered his name) did an excellent job installing the new unit, cleaning up, and disposing of the waste. My house is cool and the new unit is so quiet I do not even hear it. I would HIGHLY recommend Airtron. We had received other quotes and some people were install no-name brands that were too small for the house size. I am very appreciative of their promptness and professional service. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for replacing the unit before the heat index reached over 100!

Ron Solomon

Felix came to perform our spring summer service today and to install a new thermostat. He is very professional, considerate, thorough and friendly. There was an issue with programming the WiFi feature on the new thermostat. It could be a faulty part and he arranged for another technician to come back at a convenient time next week on my day off. Thank you Felix and Airtron.

Sunny Anand

I had the damper stuck in the elbow of a duct. Joe Dailey from Airtron came in to fix it. He was very professional and helpful and got the job done to my satisfaction. I have worked with Airtron before but never left a review. They have always been very helpful in resolving the issues that I have had.


I cannot say enough about our tech, James “Jim”. He was the third person to look at our heating system from Airtron. We were not maintaining heat at all in this frigid weather. He was very knowledgable and not only did he explain everything to me but then explained everything to my husband over the phone. I was very displeased having had two techs out previously, only to tell us everything was fine, when in fact we were throwing two separate codes. Thank you James, for restoring my faith in Airtron. I am giving them a 3, however, because it took three people to take the time to investigate properly and find the problem. If I were to write a review based on the experience just with this last technician, I would’ve given them a 5.

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