When the Heat Pump Acts Up, Here’s What to Do

When the Heat Pump Acts Up, Here’s What to Do

454971487 (2)In certain regions, selecting a heat pump for your cooling and heating needs offers an energy efficient alternative to buying separate furnace and air conditioner units. Although heat pumps do have some limitations, especially in really cold weather, steps can be followed to keep your unit operating at top efficiency while extending your heat pump’s lifespan.

If you begin to have difficulties with your heat pump, performing some simple checks should be your first step as a homeowner. Whether your unit has a noisy blower fan or is not adequately warming or cooling your home, problems may be corrected with simple maintenance tasks.

Regular replacement of your heat pump’s air filter is perhaps the easiest yet most critical maintenance task within your HVAC system. By replacing a dirty filter, your heat pump’s performance can improve as a result of better air flow, allowing smoother operation of the mechanical parts within your unit. In addition, your indoor air quality (IAQ) may improve as contaminants on a dirty filter will no longer be recirculating within your home.

A check of your heat pump’s coils and fans for excessive dust and dirt is the next place to look when troubleshooting your unit. Since dirty coils can damage your heat pump’s compressor, keeping your unit clean and the vegetation around the outdoor portion of your pump neatly trimmed is a great way to maintain your heat pump in top operating condition.

When trouble continues even after your initial corrections, its time to contact a professional who can conduct the following tasks:

• A total inspection of your system’s ductwork, coils, fans and blowers, etc. to check for dust, dirt, leaks and more.
• Lubrication of moving parts.
• Ensuring your heat pump’s refrigerant level is full and is not leaking.
• Verification of adequate airflow within your HVAC system.
• Correcting any electrical connection issues.
• Examination of the system’s thermostat.

Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning can help you learn more about your heat pump and what to do if trouble arises. If you are in the Dayton area, contact us for all of your home comfort needs!

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