Don’t Forget to Protect Your HVAC When Remodeling Your Home

Don’t Forget to Protect Your HVAC When Remodeling Your Home

With all of the dust, dirt and shifting priorities during a remodeling project, it’s very easy for your HVAC system to be neglected and to get damaged. When you’re planning out your remodeling project don’t forget to take the necessary steps to protect your HVAC system ahead of time.

Here are some simple things you can do to ensure that your home and your HVAC system both come out looking great after the remodel:

  • Review your house plans with potential contractors to understand how it could impact your HVAC before scheduling a particular contractor or project. It’s much easier to steer clear of damage and potential catastrophe before the project has begun.
  • If the remodeling project is creating debris or dust, try not to run the HVAC system with the work in progress or before it is cleaned up. The particulates can get into your filters and duct work.
  • Sweep, vacuum and wipe the work area frequently to keep the buildup down of dust and particulates as much as possible.
  • Clean your HVAC filters often if you do run the system while the remodel work is contracted. Filters can be clogged with small particulates even if they don’t look filthy.
  • Close the registers in the rooms where work is conducted to keep particulates from getting in the registers. If you are running the HVAC equipment in other parts of the house, be sure you aren’t shutting down the airflow to your compressor, as it can put more stress on the system and could cause it to overheat or other problems.
  • Hang plastic tarps in contractor areas to cut them off from the rest of the house and keep the mess contained.
  • Have the contractor perform the majority of the cutting, sawing and other dust producing activities outside, or somewhere where there isn’t a HVAC register.
  • After the remodel is completed, have the HVAC system inspected and cleaned.

Please contact Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning for more ideas on how to protect your HVAC during remodeling.

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