Oakwood, Ohio Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Service

Oakwood is a city located in Montgomery County, Ohio. Found to the south of the city of Dayton, in the early 1900s, Oakwood was mostly farmland. Many of the city’s early residents were former Dayton residents who came in search of higher ground, following The Great Dayton Flood of 1913 which left much of downtown Dayton devastated. Advertising from the period boasted about Oakwood’s higher elevation, prompting residents to leave Dayton and settle somewhere more protected. One of Oakwood’s most well-known residents was Orville Wright, of the famous Wright Brothers, known for inventing the first working airplane. Oakwood also boasts historic pre-war buildings, exhibiting a variety of popular architectural styles from throughout history. There is a community-wide sentiment alive and well in Oakwood, where the residents do their best to maintain the city’s beauty. Properties are usually kept pristine, with awards doled out by the city to some of the most beautiful homes.

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