The city of Wyoming, Ohio is located in the Mill Creek Valley along the Ohio River. The area was originally settled in the early part of the 19th century, when the settlers developed Springfield Pike through what would eventually be called Wyoming. Following the completion of the Miami & Erie Canal in nearby Lockland during the 1820s, the area around modern day Wyoming was able to grow and expand, thanks to the new industry moving into town. That being said, significant growth in the area didn’t really start until the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad went into service in 1851. After the railroad came through town, residential subdivisions began to sprout up along its route. In 1861, Colonel Robert Reily held a meeting in an effort to name the burgeoning little village. “Wyoming” was eventually chosen because the village reminded some of the early settlers of a beautiful spot in Pennsylvania called Wyoming. Wyoming officially became a village in 1874, with its population larger than it ever had been previously at 600 residents strong. The village became a city officially in 1949, once the population had reached 5,000.

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