Newtown, Ohio is a village in the southeastern part of Hamilton County, close to the city of Cincinnati. Originally settled in 1792, Newtown previously went by the name Mercersburg. It’s unclear precisely when the name changed from Mercersburg to Newtown, but it happened well before the village was incorporated in 1901. Signs of the area’s Native American presence are still very much visible in Newtown today, specifically the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery Mound, Perin Village Site, Turpin Site and the Hahn Field Archaeological District. In the past, there were multiple Native American mounds and other earthworks in and around the Newtown area. In addition to its Native American connection, the village of Newtown has a decades-long tradition of hosting a massive fish fry, which of course is open to the public. The event takes place every year on the Friday before Lent.

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