Fort Thomas is a city found in Campbell County in Kentucky, right on the southern bank of the beautiful Ohio River. In addition to being the largest city in Campbell County (according to the 2010 census) and part of the Cincinnati –Northern Kentucky metro area, Fort Thomas is also the site of an old 1890s US Army fort. It is believed that a large battle between at least three Native American tribes—Cherokee and the Miami fighting together with the Shawnee—took place on or around Fort Thomas, as a large gravesite was unearthed by archeologists. In 1887 the area around Fort Thomas was chosen as the spot for a new U.S. Army Post to replace the Newport Barracks in nearby Newport, Kentucky, which was prone to heavy flooding. General Philip Sheridan chose 11 acres of the city, calling it “the Highlands” and declared that in time it would become the “West Point of the West,” naming it Fort Thomas after General Henry Thomas. Fort Thomas was home to the 6th Infantry Regiment until it was called to action in the summer of 1898 in the Spanish-American War. Fort Thomas was incorporated as a city in the fall of 1914.

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