Cold Spring, Kentucky was officially incorporated in 1941 and named after a natural cold water spring located in the area, discovered back in the 1780s. The rumor in the area is that the spring was discovered after Daniel Boone had sold the acquired 500 acres he received in return for his Revolutionary War Service. The earliest settlers in the Cold Spring area were thought to have come from a party accompanying Major David Leitch during his travels from Fort Pitt (modern day Pittsburgh) to Losantiville (Cincinnati) in 1789. One of the settlers—Thomas Rees bought property, calling Reese’s settlement and helped to establish a church in the area—the first church in the county, historically known as “Mouth of Licking,” and eventually Old Licking Church. At some point in the early to mid-19th century, Reese’s settlement started going by the name Cold Spring, after which point (between the 1820s-1850s) the population in the area began to grow steadily. The Cold Spring Seminary School was founded in 1957 by Reverend N.C. Pettit and the first school district—the Cold Spring District—was organized in 1875. Walnut Hills, later the name of the Cold Springs Seminary School, burned down in 1921, replaced by the current Cold Spring elementary school building.

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