Could the Batteries in Your Home’s Thermostat be Ready for Replacement?

Could the Batteries in Your Home’s Thermostat be Ready for Replacement?


174583520 (2)Homeowners typically don’t recall the last time they changed their thermostat batteries. And in most cases, they don’t replace the batteries in a manual or programmable thermostat until the A/C or furnace suddenly fails.

If your HVAC system won’t turn on, you may instinctively call your local Dayton HVAC technician. While we are more than glad to assist you, you can save money and time by checking first for dead thermostat batteries. (However, please note that not all HVAC system thermostats are battery-operated.) Even if your system is working perfect today, why not be ahead of the problem by checking your thermostat batteries? Thermostat battery replacement is a super quick and easy do-it-yourself job.

Tips that it’s time to replace batteries in a thermostat:

  • Low battery indicator light on your thermostat that may also include a beep from your thermostat unit.
  • Your air conditioning or furnace isn’t operating quite reliably.
  • You get a blank screen and can’t set your thermostat or turn your HVAC system on.

When you do replace batteries in a thermostat, it’s a good idea to replace smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries as well. This way, you can buy new batteries on the same hardware store trip if necessary. To remember to do this every year, add a reminder to your calendar on a holiday or some other easy-to-remember date.

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