Advanced Features That Give Heat Pumps Improved Performance

Advanced Features That Give Heat Pumps Improved Performance


CoupleReviewingDocsToday’s technological improvements have enhanced the performance of heat pumps. These new features can help you get the most comfort, energy savings and versatility out of such a unique appliance all year long.

Compressor Options

The compressor in a heat pump changes the pressure of the refrigerant, which allows it to carry heat to and from your home. The newer Scroll compressor operates much more efficiently and quietly than piston compressors, and since it operates with few moving parts, it also lasts longer. A dual-speed compressor runs at two different speeds, and when the climate is mild throughout the year, it will run on a lower speed much of the time, which lowers your energy usage.

Dual-fuel Heat Pumps

Some heat pumps may switch from harvesting outdoor air to a compatible combustion furnace equipped with a burner that operates using gas or propane. These heat pump features combine the heat pump’s efficiency along with the dependability of heating with fuel.

Indoor Blower Options

A system that features a variable-speed motor in the indoor blower adjusts the speed of the fan to meet your home’s cooling needs. When it requires only a few degrees of heating or cooling, it’ll run on a lower speed, which is much quieter and circulates conditioned air more thoroughly. These types of motors can be set to run almost continuously, and because they’re operating at a lower speed, more air passes through the air filter every day. Indoor air quality will also improve as increased airborne particulates are trapped by the heat pump’s high efficiency pleated air filter.

If you’d like to learn more about these heat pump features and more, contact Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning.

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